Artist’s Bio:

Award winning artist Jamie Van Landuyt has had a passion for drawing, painting and color since childhood. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a painter.  She attended Ohio University and received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts, and graduated with honors. After graduation she worked as a graphic artist, then embarked on a sales career that lasted almost ten years. She married, and moved to Cincinnati to raise a family. In 2010, she realized a life- long dream when she became a resident artist at Essex Studios in Walnut Hills. Her abstract art has an emphasis on color, texture and especially layering. Her work is represented by several galleries and is included in private and corporate collections in North America.


Artist’s Statement:

I use many different mediums to achieve depth in my paintings.  I use acrylic, oil, ink, graphite and even metal leaf to create balance and structure in my work. I try to convey a sense of light and movement in my pieces. I emphasize layering, always. Recently, I have added bold colors to my palette to create more vibrant compositions, which was a shift for me. In my earlier “waterscapes” (predominantly blues and greens) I tried to evoke a sense of calmness and peace. In this new palette I am exploring the energy that bold, saturated color imparts. Working in either palette, it becomes less a conscious decision and more of a subconscious exercise in expression when I am in the studio immersed in a painting.  When I can switch gears and experience the pure energy of painting, and the decisions are not made with my head and with reason, instead they come from somewhere more instinctive…that is when the best art happens. 

Jamie also owns Nest Home Staging & Design, a staging and design company based in Cincinnati. To learn more about this, please visit